Pentagon bioweapons in Ukraine

11 Mar

Says Wikipedia: The Biological Weapons Convention bans biological and toxin weapons by prohibiting their development, production, acquisition, transfer, stockpiling and use … … Article I requires each state never to develop, produce or stockpile : microbial or other biological agents … that … Read More »

Is humanity doomed?

26 Jan

. I take the relentless uniformity of Sinophobic output by every segment, ‘quality’ to tabloid, of mainstream corporate media as evidence not that China is terrible in every possible way … ONE nation is circling the planet with hundreds of … Read More »

What a Bezos!

4 Nov

Spotted just now on Facebook, posted by one Tom Helmesley. This is Jeff. Jeff made his billions by undercutting local shops and shipping stuff halfway round the world. Over the summer, Jeff flew on his private spacecraft so he can … Read More »

It’s raining snakes!

6 Aug

The Economist today: “It’s been raining snakes amid the recent heavy downpour,” reported the Mumbai edition of the Times of India on July 26th, in a news piece about a rock python which “refused to be evicted” from an autorickshaw. The same paper … Read More »

How will history judge the frackers?

30 Sep

Should humanity pull back from – take your pick – environmental disaster, nuclear annihilation or both of these logical consequences of capitalism’s relentless addiction to ‘growth’, how will future schoolchildren, in their history classes, judge the injection by private interests … Read More »