Carry on cognitive dissonance

19 Jan

SSC followers will recall a recent post in which I referred to Mick’s alarm at discovering he agreed with something Hitchens had written in the Mail on Sunday. Sadly, his worries have deepened, as an email just yesterday shows:

Re my last email, I think to be honest I understated the issue. Things are apparently getting worse. Just as I thought I had recovered from my last spell of dizziness caused by agreeing with someone I always viewed as being my political nemesis, Peter Hitchens, the bastard has struck me down once again with a piece on Trident supporting the Corbyn view.

Now things are much much worse. Even Simon Jenkins is pontificating in the ‘Groan’,  saying he would prefer to replace Trident with Dads Army. Not only that but Kat Vanden Heuvel writing in the Washington Post is also supportive of Corbyn.  Then Keith Vaz MP having either a road to Damascus conversion or employing a skilful piece of politicking. He says he has changed his view on Trident and now sides with Jeremy. I am now expecting to read in the Murdoch media that Blair and Campbell are currently stood in the dock at The Hague.

Troubling times, Michael. Troubling times. But at least we have humour. Noting Rupert’s engagement to an ex of Mick (and Bryan), one twitterati dubbed the pair, Jerry and the Pacemaker.  That might have earned its author the much coveted Tweet of the Week Award but for the facts that (a) nobody under sixty would get the joke and (b) Mark Steel snatched the TOTWA yet again with this:

I just read that Kelvin Mackenzie is 69. Come on GOD, you owe us after the week we’ve just had!

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