MMR and bad thinking

20 Jan

I stumbled on an anti-MMR discussion on FB last night. Couldn’t resist sticking my oar in of course.

Human beings have wonderful brains but, untrained, we are hopeless at stats and not much better at any kind of rigorous thinking.

Jan 26: follow up to this post here. See also my recent post on 9/11 ‘Truthers’.

mmr fb exchange

6 Replies to “MMR and bad thinking

  1. I know one or two, and have heard about many more, people who are convinced that vaccines are a plot by “big pharma”. The purpose of the plot seems to vary from plain old money making to more sinister and secret designs. Perhaps the lizards are behind it all.
    The first case of diptheria in Spain since 1986 occurred last year to the six-year-old son of one such person. The boy died. I imagine he had no say in the matter.
    Neither of the two people I know are remotely interested in using their brains on the subject; the boy’s death and the fact that he wasn’t vaccinated were merely coincidental and just bad luck. Instead they will quote “scientific facts” from the equivalent of flat-earth websites and ignore any attempt at rational rebuttal and disquilify any evidence from, say, the WHO. And this despite the fact that they can use their brains in other areas.
    While I’m sure people are pretty poor at calculating probabilities, I’m also sure that a lot never get that far. Perhaps those pesky lizards are on the job.
    By the way, my grandad smoked 60 Woodbines and drank, let’s say, several pints a day. Despite this fine example, I’m afraid I haven’t been able to manage it. Bloody lizards…

    • Bloody lizards indeed. I’ve long reckoned we two are the only sane ones left, but of late I’ve started to have doubts about you too …

  2. we find another writing like the old lady who ended her criticism of the Universe, “There’s only Jock an’ me’ll be saved; an’ I’m no that sure o’ Jock”

  3. My GP used to come to the house to give our youngsters their injections. When I questioned him about them he said he wouldn’t give other children anything he wouldn’t administer to his own.

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