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  1. Hello Philip
    Nice pics!
    I was your walking companion on the last day of your Cotswold Way walk, but I’ve lost the contact details you gave me. Luckily I remembered the name of your blog – which I’m enjoying.
    I never got to do my triumphant march down into Bath – the day after you left I woke with about six different symptoms of some sort of flu-y bug, and knew I was defeated. My daughter and granddaughter had planned to walk with me for a symbolic half mile (well, the granddaughter is only six), and instead I had to get them to scoop me up and take me home, where it’s taken me quite a while to shake the bug off.
    However, I’ve learned a lot, and am looking forward to completing the walk in the spring – and doing others. Thank you for your company. I must have been succumbing to the infection that day, so no wonder I found some of those wet wooded slopes a little daunting.
    I hope you’ve had a really good time in India, and that you’ll get in touch. Do contact me if you come to Bristol.

    Best wishes

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