Udaipur in pictures

25 Sep

The Little Prince Restaurant sits on a terrace overlooking the Ahar River as it enters Lake Picholo from the east. Here I sit, just hours after arriving in Udaipur at dawn on the 23:00 night bus from Jaipur. The two cities are about as alike as Coventry and Cambridge.

Four hundred kilometres south of Jaipur, four hundred kilometres further from the Thar Desert that makes up so much of Rajasthan, scorching dry heat has given way to a climate I’m familiar with from Vietnam. Humidity is higher but bearable, thanks to a drop in daytime temperatures from forty degrees and above to a thirty I could get used to – even if it will mean swapping my factor fifty for spray-on deet.

For the first time there’s been rain. Several showers, none for more than a few intense minutes, have seen river and lake patterned in circular ripples with nuclei of fat raindrops. Sun and rain, sun and rain; ideal for the photographer in one of the most photogenic places in all India.

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