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4 Nov
See Joe Clifford’s piece in Off-Guardian today …

She backed the war that laid Iraq to waste to the enrichment of Wall Street, the huge US arms industry and senior politicians. She backed the military overthrow of the elected government of Honduras. She backed – nay, was prime mover on – the bombing and disintegration of Libya, now Africa’s foremost terrorist production line.

She backs chaos in Syria: destroying it through sanctions that kill innocents, giving ‘moderate’ head-choppers the weapons to topple Assad. The Russia that sat on its hands and accepted regime change and lethal chaos in Iraq and Libya drew a line in the sand on Syria. For a raft of good reasons Russia must stand by an Assad whose lack of support has been cynically and/or gullibly overstated by “our” mainstream media. This is a matter of fact, not opinion, and makes her no fly zone policy – fooling many with its seeming reasonableness – a policy of calculated aggression that puts the world at risk of thermonuclear confrontation.

NATO, its enlargement cheered on where not instigated by her, pushes at Russia’s western borders. She likens Putin to Hitler. Hmm … we’ve heard that one before. Noriega was called Hitler. Likewise Saddam. Likewise Gaddafi. This is the modus operandi of Washington hawks. Vilify then attack.

But liberals and progressives everywhere should back her. She’s the lesser evil.

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