Thus Spake The Donald

3 Dec

I’ll zoom in on Trump as we get closer to January 20 and there’s more hard info as opposed to the rumours rife on social media, where hard core Clintonites still pour out their sorrow. But let’s take a quick peek now at the Donald, here in full flight on the corrupt establishment. Time and place are unknown for the very good reason the big six media moguls in the USA were all pro Hillary and would not have aired it.

Much of what he says is true, as is common with rightwing populists, though his cabinet choices so far suggest he never meant a word of it – as is also common – or, just as bad, his sense of what’s true changes from one day to the next. All the same, this is worth the five minutes it takes to watch. I wish he didn’t beat about the bush so much on Bill’n Hill though.

The Clintons are criminals. Remember that, they are criminals …

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