North Korea’s nukes

27 Apr

See also North Korea? The problem is Washington

I make a point of checking into centrist media like FP and Al-Monitor from time to time. Though essentially supportive of a rotten global status quo, both have their uses. Al-Monitor frequently offers, in its middle east commentary, facts and insights seldom seen in western media. For its part FP (that’s Foreign will on occasion strike a moderately free-thinking note.

Take yesterday’s FP offering on North Korea. While predictably silent on America’s genocidal record on the peninsula – see Paul Atwood’s CounterPunch piece of April 21, Why Does North Korea Want Nukes? – it deviates from the standard corporate media script in arguing that to call Pyongyang irrational is inaccurate and unhelpful.

For that reason the piece is worth a read. Though it cherry picks history it does draw, albeit from a very different perspective, the conclusion I and others have drawn: that the fates of Saddam, Gaddafi and more importantly their peoples show nuclear weapons to be, sadly, an eminently sane choice for states demonised by Washington.

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