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  1. Breathtaking! And as beautiful as pictures can be, they can only capture and convey “so much.” I sit in Canada, on this snow bound day, now just a tad jealous of your being able to savor all of that sub-tropical landscape, its forests, its mountains and its gorges, and its people. Thank you for the update on your travels!

  2. Actually Norman locals are complaining because, though it’s now warm and sunny, here on the meteorologically uncertain east coast they’ve had a day or two of temperatures scandalously below 20 degrees. This in a city (Hualien) hit by a Richter 6.4 barely one month ago. You’d think after that they’d shrug off a couple of sunless chilly days but, no, not a bit of it!

    That aside, Taiwanese are lovely people.

    • I understand their complaint about the cold perfectly well, oddly enough, and especially if they are unaccustomed to the frigidity. But a recent quake of that magnitude would certainly leave me indifferent to a few degrees below 20. But then I’ve only once experience a tremor, and I must admit that it got my attention in a way that a spell of cold weather never could.

      . . . and what Jeni said.

    • Jeni we/re now in the sunny southwest, in a lovely apartment high above Taiwan’s exhilarating second city of Khaosiung. Now to sort out a motorbike for to see the environs …

  3. Fantastic colours and shapes – all formed by natural processes, with some human gold thrown in for good measure. It’s been an unusually cold Spring in Europe too – natural processes warped by human endeavour ?

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