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  1. ‘Who ate all the cakes’ doesn’t seem to have the same ring as ‘Who ate all the pies.’

    It might catch on with the Wendy’s in S6 but not BDTBL.

    • I see the blue flag caught on in S36. More hicks than kicks out there I’m told but good luck this afternoon no matter what colour you are…or where you put you ticks. The best I can do but I’m sure you’ll both think of something

      • The best bit this afternoon was hearing the crowd singing ‘Oh Jeremy Corbyn’ at different times throughout the game.

        Whilst the Upper Don Valley along with S35 and bits of S5 are traditional Wendy blue parts of the City other parts of the patch are Oakwell red.

        The Continuity Conservatives have a lot to answer for.

  2. The silver lining for Penistone & Stocksbridge is that Angela Smith turned a funny orange tinge and moved on. I wouldn’t put it past her try and get back in again sometime though if the Blairites make a comeback. Stick with the project I say

    • Unfortunately it’s not always as simple as that.

      Let’s just say that just because people stick a label on themselves does not necessarily mean that what’s inside is what it says on the tin.

      Continuity, in systemic terms, does not always have to involve the same people and careerists like Smith and Wilson come in many guises.

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