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  1. Mark Caitlin – “just saying”
    Say it to cancer sufferers awaiting treatmen
    Say it to those waiting for knee/hip operations
    Say it to thousands waiting on long lists
    Say it to patients spending hours in corridors on trolleys
    Say it to overworked doctors, nurses and hiospital staff, all stressed out
    Say it to all those whose hopes were raised by false hopes only to find them dashed!
    So – I CAN MAR TALK – “Just say it!”
    say it!

    • Nice anagramming, CeeJay. Though truth be told, it is made possible only by my having misspelt his name – which is Mark Catlin and not, as I had written it, Mark Caitlin.

      But why spoil a good wordplay with such triflings?

      I once created anagrams of the names of a work team, including our boss. Of its six members, three had names which generated anagrams expressing to perfection striking personality traits of their owners. Uncanny.

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