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  1. Poor creatures – the mis-named ‘sapiens’ will do for them, and many others, like the Mako shark, which the US/EU have just refused to protect.

    • Our arrogance with regard to other species looms ever larger in my thoughts. As with other characteristics – selfishness and greed spring immediately to mind – capitalism did not usher this arrogance into being. It simply promotes and rewards it at every turn.

  2. Magnificent creatures – but I have to own to being a tad disappointed. I was hoping for some feline push-back at the expense of Officer Dibble!

      • I was once babysitting for a friend, whose seven year old daughter treated me to a full performance of Cats. It was terrific but I had to spoil things by voicing a sneaking admiration for McCavity. “He’s horrible“, she exclaimed. It was all I could do to prevent her kicking me out.

        More recently, in his brilliantly savage hosting of the Golden Globe Awards, Ricky Gervais cited a review describing a recent production as “the worst thing to happen to cats since dogs”.

        It was his only innocuous joke of the evening.

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