No matter what the risks to us all …

24 Mar

We know from both the Monroe Doctrine and innumerable US interventions – some covert like Honduras 2009, some by proxy like Chile 1973 and Nicaragua in the eighties, some fully overt like Grenada 1983 – that regardless of the will of Latin Americans, Washington would not for a moment allow the situation depicted in this map – the countries in red members of an alliance, led by China or Russia, predicated on containing the United States.

Why then is this one acceptable?

Am I missing something? It seems to me that – with our systemically corrupt media dutifully presenting the West’s refusal to act in good faith, now and these past thirty years, as “standing up to Putin’s aggression” – our leaders are risking thermonuclear armageddon.

For what? So that Washington, its junior partners and the rentier oligarchs whose interests they truly represent can halt the rise of Eurasia, and with it an end to half a millennium of the west’s rule of the planet. Should Russia be forced to back down now (and that ultimate nightmare fail to materialise) China will be next.

No matter what the risks to us all.

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  1. Our only hope is that the Chinese are fully aware of that. I have to agree to some extent with Paul Craig Roberts that Russia has not fully taken on board the extent to which the US will go to destroy them. Similarly China seems to have some residual trust in a degree of sanity prevailing in international affairs.

    But the US is really like a rabid dog – it can’t control the virus inside it which is driving it to more and more extreme and suicidal measures as it attempts to delay it’s inevitable decay. It has to be treated as such, and the sooner and more forcefully, the better. (short of resorting to or forcing nuclear war, when we all lose).

  2. The ruling class and the people it pays to do its thinking for it (it is they who feel most threatened not being, like the oligarchs, well established and able to ride out almost any local difficulties) are beginning to understand that, if they should weaken, the people ‘below’ them are going to tear them apart.

    That is a tightrope over Niagara Falls that Washington is walking over. And there are no nets underneath it-just pitchforks as far as the eye can see.

  3. On the matter of risks this comment on the most recent update on the Saker site caught the eye:

    “I note that not a single foreign mercenary has arrived in Ukraine in the last seven days. On the contrary, there has been an outflow. Within a week, 285 fighters escaped into Poland, Hungary and Romania, I hope without Stingers and Javelins.”

    Just what you need entering into the coming spring and summer holiday travel period. Jihadists and Neo-nazis escaping into Western Europe armed with Western supplied weapons which can bring down aircraft – military or civilian.

    Scott Ritter warned about this last week when interviewed by Galloway.

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