Stealing the sun

8 Jan

Caught red handed by his photographer wife as two bemused canines look on, a man in the pay of Vladimir Putin – the Guardian’s Luke Harding has confirmed this – brazenly snatches the sun from an evening sky at the … Read More »

Waiting for Goddard’s

19 Dec

Purchased from local charity shop four days ago: one set of fish eaters; blades and forks, six of each, bunched and banded but not boxed. Lack of box aside, there’s an obvious problem. These are at the dingy end of … Read More »

All the best mate, from your son

14 Dec

As a marxist I have my criticisms of the Corbyn phenomenon, and of the illusion that our ruling class would ever permit socialism via the parliamentary route. Even when calling for a Labour vote I’ve been clear about that. But … Read More »