Hello Mr Lennon

12 Sep

I think Marco – his comment appeared below a Youtube clip featuring Al Pacino speaking of the time he met John Lennon – must be American. In which case ‘Strawberry fields’ refers to a small part of Central Park, dedicated … Read More »

Good King David’s Dowry

30 Aug

A claim frequently made by illegal Zionist settlers in the Occupied Territories is that the land is theirs by the deed of entitlement also known as the Bible. Well you can’t say fairer than that, now can you? This from … Read More »

Madders on Hawking on Hunt …

19 Aug

Professor Stephen Hawking has rattled Jeremy Hunt’s cage alright. As in rattled it enough for Hunt to forget that no good ever came from mixing it with a walking talking National Treasure. It’s a hiding to nothing. Did he not … Read More »