Four days in Norfolk

28 Jun

It’s the last Thursday of June, hottest day of the year so far. Patrolling the sky above Martham Broad, a pair of common terns glide, hover and swoop for small fry. I’m in the shade of willow and alder, in … Read More »

No uncertain terns

18 Jun

Snapped on Tuesday, on a day trip to Brancaster, east of Sandringham on the southern coast of the Wash. I can photograph terns any day of the week at Attenborough, a ten minute stroll from my door. But Norfolk’s a … Read More »

Great crested grebes go fishing

9 Jun

Yesterday my favourite water bird further endeared itself to me. At Colwick Country Park, where flooded gravel pits are topped up by the Trent a few miles downstream of Nottingham, a pair of great crested grebes were ferrying chicks on … Read More »

Let’s write a rude limerick!

9 May

In Walking the Erewash I composed a limerick to steer readers past the pitfall of pronouncing the eponymous river as ‘earwash’. Pairing it with ‘very posh’ I thought to spare embarrassment, should ever you find yourself in that neck of … Read More »

A Toton Sidings Sunday

26 Apr

A passenger train approaches Toton in 1957 and a coal train can be seen on another line From Nottinghamshire Live, August 4, 2018: The Government has confirmed that Toton Sidings, one of the largest rail depots in the UK, will … Read More »