The Clintons: just follow the money

29 Jul

HRC tweet by Jill Stein
A few FB friends in the USA are posting on why Americans must vote Clinton. Such posts, from people I like and respect in many things but whose grasp on politics is weak, fall into two categories: those who really think she’s the bee’s knees (and often as not that all who disagree must be misogynist) and those who just say she’s the lesser evil.

The first is poppycock – check out her record – the second specious, though Sanders’ betrayal hasn’t helped. I’m no fan of spoiling ballot papers as individual protest but .. a mass expression of contempt for fake democracy while building a powerful alternative, well, that’s a different kettle of fish. Bernie could have given such a movement a flying start by denouncing a stacked deck that requires the backing of huge corporate interests (see below on HRC’s dirty money). Or he could have urged his support base to back Jill Stein. He did neither and to that argument of ‘Hillary the lesser evil’ I say even if that were so, and I’m by no means convinced, you’re still advocating a vote for evil. I’d be more sympathetic to the “get real” brigade if they showed the slightest sign of taking their own advice and finding out some of the most elementary details of HRC’s actual record – i.e. the really existing Clinton!

This film puts the record straight on the corruption, though not the warmongering. And while the radical liberal worldview of director M.A. Taylor and author Peter Schweiser leaves them but dimly aware of the fact, it also shows that imperialism is more than a silly meme tossed around by infantile leftists. In its own way the film charts – through the relations between on the one hand politicians and big money in the west, on the other venal politicians in the ‘developing’ world – the workings of imperialism. And while I disagree with the film’s uncritical acceptance, towards the end, of the aggressive Russia premise, it does show at that point – as does the Trident story – that for our ruling classes, profit trumps all other considerations, patriotism not excepted.

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    • Thanks bevin. I’ve seen your comments on Off-Guardian, no? Refreshingly well informed and courteous.

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