Jess Phillips on rape threats

28 Aug

This from the Independent yesterday:

A Labour MP has called for increased support and training for women in public life after revealing she received 600 rape threats in a single day last year.

Speaking to The Independent, Jess Phillips, MP for Birmingham Yardley since 2015, said there was nothing in common with those threatening her ”other than them being men”.

Meanwhile, below the line:

More on Jess Phillips here

2 Replies to “Jess Phillips on rape threats

  1. Jess Phillips is not just another female MP.
    ‘Daft Tart” is putting it very kindly. It ought to be unnecessary to add that there are plenty of male Labour MPs just as bad as her.
    The real objection is to her idea that people ‘in public life’ require or deserve privileges. The contrary is the case. This is a terrible society in many ways and the vulnerable are subject to lifelong ill treatment. That is why socialists seek to change society, radically. Phillips who seeks only to get a pass on poverty and persecution and is ready to leave everything else pretty much as she found it complains continually of her picayune problems, while she consigns, for example, the people of Syria and Iraq to the mercy of the most evil forces.

    • You’re right of course, bevin. This is a terrible society – see my recent post, Spare a thought for Yemen – and Phillips either knows or cares nothing about the why of that.

      I do think ‘daft tart’ a daft remark though. This despite many comments, below that Indi piece, far more hatefully misogynist. Similarly, there are more serious charges, such as yours, against Phillips than that of self publicism.

      Ajda Slovenia’s comment shows how careful the left must be in criticism. Ever found yourself, while criticising Israel, realising the guy nodding in vigorous agreement is unashamedly antisemitic? (Not a bad analogy here, given Phillips’s Labour Friends of Israel links.) Music to the ears of those who love to equate anti-Zionism with anti-semitism – ditto left critique of imperialist cheerleaders like Phillips with sexism.

      I fear ‘daft tart’ gave Phillips another free pass – allowing her and her fans to ignore the more considered ‘attention seeking’ component!

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