Pentagon bioweapons in Ukraine

11 Mar

Says Wikipedia:

The Biological Weapons Convention bans biological and toxin weapons by prohibiting their development, production, acquisition, transfer, stockpiling and use …

… Article I requires each state never to develop, produce or stockpile :

  1. microbial or other biological agents … that have no prophylactic, protective or other peaceful purposes;
  2. weapons, equipment or means of delivery designed to use such agents or toxins for hostile purposes or in armed conflict.

Now contrast the wall to wall coverage of the highly dubious Mariupol hospital claims with how little is being made – the Guardian’s search tool gave a null result 1 – of this Congressional Hearing exchange on Tuesday (March 8) between Under Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, and Republican Senator Marc Rubio:

Nuland admits the presence of US owned biological “research” facilities in Ukraine, which may be misused  by the advancing Russians: a response pithily summed up by one BTL comment:

We weren’t making bioweapons but we are concerned that Russian troops are about to capture our bioweapons… 2

One determined truth-seeker has spent years pursuing the shady existence of US bio-warfare facilities in Central Asia and Eastern Europe, including Ukraine. She is Bulgarian investigative journalist Dilyana Gaytandzhieva. 3 Before I hand over to her, let me point out that if we add this disturbing and hugely inflammatory factor to the situation depicted here …

… we have some measure of the recklessness – the criminal insanity – of a US Empire incensed at Russia’s (and of course China’s) refusal to submit to a unipolar, dollarised world – ruled from Washington and Wall Street

In April 2018 Ms Gaytandzhieva began a post on her website with this:

The Pentagon Bio-weapons

The US Army regularly produces deadly viruses, bacteria and toxins in direct violation of the UN Convention on the prohibition of Biological Weapons. Hundreds of thousands of unwitting people are systematically exposed to dangerous pathogens and other incurable diseases.  Bio warfare scientists using diplomatic cover test man-made viruses at Pentagon bio laboratories in 25 countries across the world. These US bio-laboratories are funded by the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) under a $ 2.1 billion military program – Cooperative Biological Engagement Program (CBEP), and are located in former Soviet Union countries such as Georgia and Ukraine, the Middle East, South East Asia and Africa.

Georgia as a testing ground

The Lugar Center is the Pentagon bio laboratory in Georgia. It is located just 17 km  from the US Vaziani military airbase in the capital Tbilisi. Tasked with the military program are biologists from the US Army Medical Research Unit-Georgia (USAMRU-G) along with private contractors. The Bio-safety Level 3 Laboratory is accessible only to US citizens with security clearance. They are accorded diplomatic immunity 4 under the 2002 US-Georgia Agreement on defense cooperation.

Information obtained from the US federal contracts registry clarifies some of the military activities at The Lugar Center – among them research on bio-agents (anthrax, tularemia) and viral diseases (e.g. Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever), and the collection of biological samples for future experiments.

Pentagon contractors produce bio agents under diplomatic cover

The Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) has outsourced much of the work under the military program to private companies, which are not held accountable to  Congress, and which can operate more freely and move around the rule of law.  US civilian personnel performing work at The Lugar Center have also been given diplomatic immunity, although they are not diplomats. Hence, private companies can perform work, under diplomatic cover, for the US government without being under the direct control of the host state – in this case  the Republic of Georgia. This practice is often used by the CIA to provide cover for its agents. Three private American companies work at the US bio-laboratory in Tbilisi – CH2M Hill, Battelle and Metabiota. In addition to the Pentagon, these private contractors perform research for the CIA and various other government agencies …

Continue reading …

As it happens Dilyana’s lucid, comprehensive and admirably detailed report was brought to my attention – Dave Hansell again! – only this morning: just a few hours after I’d been burning the midnight oil for her lengthy but riveting interview with Dan Cohen of MintPress, apropos the Nuland admission. Her strongly accented English had me leaning in so as to miss nothing, but the effort was richly rewarded.

* * *

  1. My “null Guardian cover” claim was true at 08:30 today (March 11). Ten hours later, at 18:42, the Guardian ran a story with this header:

    Note (a) the US-compliant kicker, which dutifully echoes Nuland’s deflection, and (b) the Guardian still has not linked to that crucial footage of her exchange with Rubio.

    By 22:20 another Guardian story carried this header:

    It too makes no mention, far less shows, Nuland’s admission. I despise the Guardian.

  2. Speaking of pithy commentators, here’s Brazilian political analyst Pepe Escobar. On the Strategic Culture Foundation site yesterday – Cutting through the fog … – he wrote:

    The first-class investigative work of Dilyana Gaytandzhieva on Pentagon bioweapons was fully vindicated. Based on documents received from Ukrainian biolab employees, the Russian ModD revealed that research with samples of bat coronavirus, among other experiments, were conducted in a Pentagon-funded biolab.

    The purpose of all this research – which included another Pentagon project to study the transfer of pathogens by wild birds migrating between Ukraine and Russia and other neighboring countries – was “to create a mechanism for the covert spread of deadly pathogens.”

    In trademark pysop mode, everything was turned upside down by the United States government: those evil Russkies could take control of biological samples, so any “accident” involving biological and chemical weapons in Ukraine would have to be blamed on Russia.

    The White House, in yet another flagrant display of unredeemable stupidity, accused Russia of “false claims” and China of “endorsing this propaganda”.

    Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov came up with the adult perspective: “The whole world will be interested to know what exactly the American bio-laboratories in Ukraine were doing.”

  3. For a separate example of the thoroughness with which Dilyana Gaytandzhieva puts together her evidence, see her work on the cases, widely invoked as instances of Kremlin devilry, of the Skripals and Navalny. Some of us have raised eyebrows at the many anomalies and glaring coincidences – not to mention their convenience to that “incensed” US Empire – both throw up:

    Putin poisons water in Navalny’s hotel room. Navalny gets sick and is taken to a Russian state hospital. Nobody kills him there, though a hospital is an easy place to do so. Doctors find no poison, authorities approve his transfer to Berlin, where medics find novichok and accuse Russia. France agrees, EU imposes sanctions. Makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?
    The Skripals? What kind of coincidence theorist doesn’t raise eyebrows at the location, a stones throw from Porton Down, and the fact the first person on the scene is a senior army nurse?

    But Ms Gaytandzhieva’s attention to detail on the one hand, ability to set out a cogent summary on the other, are as laudable as the refusal of corporate media to do their job – rather, to condemn so basic a watchdog duty as the dissemination of ‘fake news’ and  ‘conspiracy theory’ – is damning.

  4. In her interview with Dan Cohen, Dilyana Gaytandzhieva clarifies what is meant by ‘diplomatic immunity’. Just as US  mercenaries were indemnified from prosecution by Iraqi authorities for offences up to and including murder, the 2002 US-Georgia Agreement on defense cooperation gives immunity to US workers in these sinister facilities, in the event of civilian deaths howsoever arising from their activities.

8 Replies to “Pentagon bioweapons in Ukraine

  1. The ITV news delivered … well, something about labs and weapons and Russia and a lot of footage of children scarred from chemical attacks. I didn’t hear much about claims and counterclaims i.e. I only heard … or “absorbed” the notion that those evil Russians are throwing acid in the faces of children.

    • Really no point in following the mainstream news just now. Goebbels must be rotating at a very high speed in his grave right now.

      “In January 2021, NATO published the final draft of a lengthy study it called Cognitive Warfare. Its intent is to explore the potential for manipulating minds—those of others, our own—beyond anything heretofore even attempted. “The brain will be the battlefield of the 21st century,” the document asserts. “Humans are the contested domain. Cognitive warfare’s objective is to make everyone a weapon.”
      In a subsection headed “The vulnerabilities of the human brain,” the report has this to say:
      “In particular, the brain:
      is unable to distinct [sic] whether information is right or wrong:
      is led to believe statements or messages it has already heard as true, even though these may be false;
      accepts statements as true, if backed by evidence, with no regards to [sic] the authenticity of that evidence.“
      At the political and strategic level, it would be wrong to underestimate the impact of emotions…. Emotions—hope, fear, humiliation—shape the world and international relations with the echo-chamber effect of social media.“

    • Through trying to gain a bit more insight, I encountered this:

      “Ukraine war: Fact-checking Russia’s biological weapons claims”

      I have always found the notion of a news channel offering a “fact checking” section hilarious. On the one hand it implies that all their other stuff ISN’T fact checked. On the other hand, it implies that “facts” have become problematic and is therefore an admission that we have entered a new mutable world where everything has become “liquefied”.


    George Galloway interviews Scott Ritter

    To paraphrase;

    “Russia has succeeded where the US failed… has actually invaded a country where there are WMD’s.

    BTL links on latest Saker article link to sputnik video on today’s UN SC session. However, no link I can find so far works due to the censorship operating. Will keep trying.

  3. The Western media in their incessant search for (ahem!) truth, find themselves constantly bewildered by the sheer mystery of it all:

    “What’s driving Vladimir Putin and his assault on Ukraine?”

    Who can tell? He’s a cryptic character. Driven by demons etc.

    Portentous opening for the audio, blast of Putin speaking in Russian and with emphasis punctuated by cheers and strident militaristic music. (Echoes of Hitler, clearly deliberate.) Voices intone his crafting of his persona etc. “Sexualised masculine image … Remaining inscrutable, making it impossible for us to understand what his personal interest might be ….”

    And I’m afraid my resolve gave up after that. Clearly the entire “analysis” was going to be conducted on the personal psychobabble level completely sundered from all social/political connection i.e. the mode constantly pushed by the Western obsession with identity politics. And a mode that precludes any real understanding of the situation – deliberately.

  4. Only just encountered this – via the Saker site – have not had time to view it yet.

    There’s some conflicting information as to when the RF presentation commences – around 17 minutes for some – 47 minutes for others.

    The transcript of that RF presentation cab be read here:

    BTL comments suggest much of the rest of the session was a hate fest of Western Cancel Culture.

    • “Rational argument can be conducted with some prospect of success only so long as the emotionality of a given situation does not exceed a certain critical degree. If the affective temperature rises above this level, the possibility of reason’s having any effect ceases and its place is taken by slogans and chimerical wish fantasies. That is to say, a sort of collective possession results which rapidly develops into a psychic epidemic.”
      CG Jung

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