High Water Rising

17 Aug

Most if not all the major religions born of the neolithic revolutions – Hinduism, the Abrahamic faiths and the myths of Classical Greece – feature a Great Flood. “One hypothesis argues for a catastrophic deluge about 5600 BC from Mediterranean into Black Sea”, says … Read More »

Meanwhile on Saltburn Pier …

19 Jul

… the Yorkshire Knitters have struck again. This hiker has to be out of his woolly mind to go up on Ilkley Moor without a hat. Is he not aware of the consequential chain such folly will trigger? Decades ago, David Hockney cited a … Read More »

From bitter searching of the heart

16 Jul

A villanelle has nineteen lines and just two rhyming sounds, in this case “ain” and “art”. Frank Scott’s Villanelle for Our Time was set to music by Leonard Cohen on one of his more unusual albums, Dear Heather. Years ago I heard Cohen tell BBC Front … Read More »

The man who turned into a sofa

22 Jun

Today on BBC Radio 4, told from the alternating perspectives of family members where dad is laid low by clinical depression: a moving and creative exploration in prose monologue and rhyming verse. It even ends well. One of those rarities … Read More »

Sex crime – can we ever get it right?

17 Jun

Maybe Chief Constable David Crompton spoke the truth when he told a Parliamentary Select Committee in 2014 that inviting the BBC to its search of Cliff Richard’s home had not been a case of grandstanding. South Yorkshire Police’s hand had been … Read More »

Indonesia to resume executions

14 Jun

Indonesia’s Attorney General’s Office announced today that in July, after Ramadan, sixteen unidentified death row inmates will be executed, ending a brief hiatus it bizarrely attributed to economic difficulties now resolved: We could not do it earlier because the government was trying … Read More »