Privatising the NHS

27 Apr

My sweetie looks worried. There’s blood in my pee. Oh. And what did we eat yesterday? Er, beetroot. Right, and plenty of it. That’ll be forty-three pounds-ninety please. Plus VAT. Actually and seriously, these days we have to go to … Read More »

His Purpleness …

21 Apr

… the impossible, the outrageously and stratospherically talented Artist Known as Prince has died this day. Sometimes it snows in April. I just heard someone on the radio offer that “he played guitar as well as Hendrix, wrote songs as … Read More »

For God’s sake

27 Feb

Walking on Ecclesall Road a few minutes ago, two young New Zealanders stopped me. “Hey, we’re new to Sheffield and wondering what there is to do around here.” “Well it’s no great shopping Mecca and not big on architecture either … Read More »

Kingfisher 2

27 Feb

I doubted in Thursday’s post that I’ll ever capture a kingfisher in flight in a pin sharp image. I blamed lack of kit and ornithological knowledge, and slow reflexes. All true to a degree but the bigger problem is my … Read More »


24 Feb

There’s nothing quite like the electric blue thrill of a kingfisher on the wing but I doubt I’ll ever capture it in a pin sharp image. State of the art kit is required: not just £15k lenses but cameras where … Read More »