Film Review: Danish Girl

9 Jan

If I hadn’t spent my Xmas/New Year gap week in Copenhagen I’d probably have filed Danish Girl – man discovers he’s a woman trapped in the wrong body – under Worthy-but-Dull and given it a miss. So I’m now doubly … Read More »

So lawyers do poetry now?

17 Dec

This September word broke of a letter to Turing from the Infectious Diseases Society of America and the HIV Medicine Association. It asked why the price of a dose of its HIV drug Daraprim had increased by 5,500% from $13.50 … Read More »

Reviews: Grandma; Red Rosa

16 Dec

Saw Grandma tonight and have to say I was underwhelmed. As vehicle for uncovering the high principles, low cunning and wrinkled foibles of septuagenarian feminist and hippie, academic and poet, lesbian and life-loving misanthrope, a picaresque day in the life … Read More »