Universalism in an unfair world

7 May

Only connect – E. M. Forster, Howards End For his well researched work on the British establishment, you couldn’t slide a cigarette paper between Owen Jones and me. The same goes for George Monbiot’s forensic but neatly penned linking of … Read More »

Monolithic control at the Guardian?

23 Jan

Guardian July 16, 2020. Phrases like “UK says …” (“experts say” .. “intelligence sources believe” …) do play, when they fit with narratives years in the making, on our unconscious conflation of “we have evidence” – claimed by sources we … Read More »

Human rights weaponised

5 Nov

Well intentioned but not so well informed people often assert the universality of human rights in ways that unwittingly serve the agendas of power. How could they not? Our awareness of (a) where human rights violations are said to take … Read More »