Thus spake Blinken

9 May

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken a few days ago on May 6. For a short profile of this man, his war profiteering a textbook case of the revolving door between public office and private gain, see my post – … Read More »

Britain decides!

7 May

As Britain’s Labour Party lost ground, in Thursday’s local elections, to a spectacularly inept and – even by tory standards – venal party led by a serial liar, The Canary ran this cartoon: Actually this is an oversimplification in its … Read More »

Malcolm X on the media

7 Apr

It’s a fundamental with me that whomever ‘our’ media, debased for reasons given many times on this site – here for instance – vilify or sanctify, I take a good hard look at them. And when I do, I ask: … Read More »

Please wake up

6 Mar

* Caitlin Johnstone begins her post today: A new Gallup poll finds Americans’ opinion of Russia and China at historic lows, with 79% now reporting an unfavorable view of China, 77% an unfavorable view of Russia … A recent Mintpress News article, … Read More »

My February reads

27 Feb

This month brings that rarest of occurrences. I’m recommending a Guardian piece: a tour of the mind of Jeff Bezos. You wouldn’t want to live there but I promise a rewarding trip. Also, and for your instant erudition, we have … Read More »