My December reads

27 Dec

this post also features in offguardian And so this is Christmas, what have you done? The old year is over, a new one just begun. Well, almost. I can’t alas, offer much in the bliss department this year. I leave … Read More »

Truth to power: the real deal

20 Dec

It’s a tough question, I know, but think hard on which of the two candidates below best qualifies as speaker of truth to power. The first, currently being talked up as the next Labour leader by the very media which … Read More »

More Hitchens on Douma

16 Dec

. Yesterday in his Mail on Sunday column, Peter Hitchens wrote: The global chemical weapons watchdog is facing renewed questions after fresh details emerged about how it suppressed the findings of its own inspectors who raised serious doubts about an alleged … Read More »

The appalling Jess Phillips (take 2)

15 Dec

JUNE 2017 – after Corbyn’s surprise upset for Theresa May’s election miscalculation, Guardian hacks and right wing Labour were desperately rowing back on their traducing of the man. Of the myriads of conditional, hedged and qualified, small hearted, partial and … Read More »

All the best mate, from your son

14 Dec

As a marxist I have my criticisms of the Corbyn phenomenon, and of the illusion that our ruling class would ever permit socialism via the parliamentary route. Even when calling for a Labour vote I’ve been clear about that. But … Read More »