Anti-zionism is not antisemitism

22 Apr

Yet again an opponent of Israel’s repressive policies – indefensible to a growing number of once staunch defenders – is castigated as ‘antisemitic’. Now it’s the turn of Malia Bouattia, daughter of Algerian refugees and newly elected President of the … Read More »

His Purpleness …

21 Apr

… the impossible, the outrageously and stratospherically talented Artist Known as Prince has died this day. Sometimes it snows in April. I just heard someone on the radio offer that “he played guitar as well as Hendrix, wrote songs as … Read More »

Britain’s beautiful launderette

6 Apr

Guardian today: In many respects, Britain’s anti-money laundering regulations are tough, but … as Imran Khan, a leading criminal and human rights solicitor, says: “These rules were originally drawn up to deal with drug money, and most cases that reach … Read More »

Reflections on Hoi An

1 Apr

Like Dalat and for similar reasons Hoi An defies easy summary. It has its brash, kitsch and rip-off aspects but also a warmth never far from the surface, together with a kaleidoscopic abundance of contrasting ambience, culture and rhythm. I … Read More »

Afternoon in Danang

27 Mar

To the beautiful people of Danang after an afternoon on its streets, in a fish market and at a wonderful cafe where the young woman running things made me coffees between delivering a master class in checquers.