Gaza, the m-word and fifty-two dead

15 May

Craig Murray, the ambassador to Uzbekistan Blair sacked for embarrassing the war effort on Iraq, yesterday blogged these words in response to the Gaza killings.

A massacre occurred today in which more people were killed than at Glencoe. All of them were unarmed and the majority were well over a hundred yards from the border fence. It says everything about the kind of nightmare fascist state Israel now is, that if you look through those news results for “massacre”, the only mention you get of Palestinians is a claim by the Israeli Defence Force that the Palestinian Defence Forces were planning a massacre of Israelis.

The Turkish government have now come out with a statement condemning the massacre, and in the UK the Daily Express and the Daily Star have both reported that; but both have chosen to put the word “massacre” in the Turkish statement into inverted commas, as though it were not true.

The Western media far prefers the word “clashes” to “massacre”. Because those terrible Palestinians insist upon demonstrating against the continuing theft of all their land and resources, and keep attacking innocent Israeli bullets with their heads and bodies. If you look through the Google search of News this time for “clashes”, you discover that the western and Israeli media peculiarly have precisely the same preference for this entirely inappropriate word. That, again, is fascinating.

Meanwhile Noura Ekerat, human rights attorney and professor at George Mason University, Virginia, plays a straight bat in response to an unusually fair-minded CBS interviewer – in the sense that Ekerat isn’t interrupted or badgered on the Gaza killings. Nine minutes in all, the interview is worth watching for her cogent response to the myth that Palestinians, en masse, have no interest in a two-state solution recognising Israel’s 1967 borders.


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