Day one

21 May

Vacated Bristol this morning for Totnes by train. Buses dovetailed so neatly I was in Padstow by 5pm. Downside being I hadn’t had time to grab so much as a packet of crisps all day. But as I alighted at the harbour, the aroma of Rick Stein”s fish and chips; not fifty metres down the quay, left a chap with no option.

I post this at 23:33, snug in sleeping bag on cliff top five miles west of Padstow. Ocean booming gently below and no other sound.

Blissed out man. Totally blissed out.

Pepper Hole

18 Replies to “Day one

  1. Fantastic flowers. Good to see buttercups in the hedgerow where they belong and not on our allotment where I have been laboriously digging them out!

    • The floral display on cliff top and hedgerow is outasight and totally awesome Bryan.

      Btw I finished your excellent essay on the first serbo-croat war this morning, before heaving self from sleeping bag. First rate mate.

    • Thanks Tabatha. Todays been just as good, and I’m up for a few miles yet. The flowers are out of this world. Gulls and cormorants swoop, soar and dive – and I saw a hare and a lizard. No dolphins as yet. Watch this space …

    • So very many flowers Dineke. It really is a treat. I’ll post more pix in a few hours, signal permitting.

  2. Sal I’m on a sun warmed stone seat looking out to sea. You should be next to me, sharing a yarn from the old days.

  3. You must continue on to the Scilly Isles; it takes bliss to whole other level even from the subjective position of a mainland Cornishwoman!
    Have fun. x

    • Isn’t there a poem about you? Something about Tre, Polly and Pen – by these three names shall ye know Cornish men.

      And women.

      Wow, Scilly me. I’d never thought of going there but you’ve got me mightily to thinking! Watch this space Polly x

  4. Rick Stein’s fish and chips! I am so jealous. Were they all they are cracked up to be? And what glorious weather. I love the west coast although don’t know the SW at all apart from time beyond memory as a tot with family. Wonder if Jasper would like it?

  5. Outstanding Jackie – but pricy at over nine quid. The F & C in Perranporth two days later was just as good – both performing where others are let down: i.e. on quality of batter – and a snip at six quid, with a portion of excellent and freshly made tartare sauce for an extra 95p.

  6. I must visit England properly one of these days. The pictures tell me, no wonder you were totally blissed out there.

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