Day eight

29 May

I walked out of St Ives, chez J & L, around 10am on bank holiday Monday and was back on the coastal path within thirty. The going was tough. On each of the past three nights I’d put away more alcohol – all top stuff – than I usually do in a month. Regrets? Absolutely not.

Here, posted from another cliff top at 09:40 on the Tuesday, are yesterday’s snaps.

Time to pitch, and cook. It’s just after seven and though I’ve not once had to settle for an it’ll do pitch, this is my best yet. These next pix are all within two hundred metres of my tent. Thirty if we exclude the tin mine.

10 Replies to “Day eight

  1. Oneself & beautiful nature… the ideal situation to reflect upon life.

    Those who don’t know and often dread the beauty of solitude and silence (idealy in the midst of nature) are missing entirely on life in my opinion.

  2. Like ’em all Phil.
    My pick is the mini-waterfall for its composition, perfect exposure and as Bryan might have thought – pin-sharp focusing.

    Re Alain’s comments, it seems unreal to have a place like this to yourself in 2018.

    Ps BBC say 70% chance of thundery showers around midnight. Those humid conditions again. I reckon you’ll sleep through it.

  3. I’m relying on you for such info, Brer Cat.

    Few people today, and all days almost nobody before 8am and after 7pm

  4. Very interesting Phil, Superb photography. You really convey the experience in which you are engaged.

    All the best,


  5. Loved the old stone bridge over the stream and the weathered stone chimney and the coastline is perfect for shipwrecking and pirates. The large helleborine or other orchis flower is impressive – if you know the exact name of this plant please share!
    Totally impressed with your photography and very envious of your good fortune in locale and picturesque scenery.

    • That stone bridge, and brook below, was my bathroom Susan. Nobody to disturb me in such a place at 06:30!

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