No – it won’t be Jess Phillips!

19 Dec

Dorset Eye two days ago:

Labour Party members: Hold the line. Jess Phillips cannot get elected with the current membership. What the Blairites and media seem to forget is WE ALREADY KNOW THE MEDIA IS FULL OF SHIT when it comes to influencing members. Sure, some may peel off when the relentless love-in and love-bombing for Phillips starts in the media and other MPs of her mindset…makes no difference. It’s not the electorate you have to convince, it’s the members….

We already know someone who calls Jacob Rees Mogg a good friend, who laughs out loud live on air re last week’s results (until she realises she is on air), who said she’d stab Corbyn in the front and back, who hounded anti-racist campaigner Mark Wadsworth out of the party at the same time she was defending the absurd case against him, who goes to a Murdoch dinner party shindig and cancels chairing a Labour Women’s meeting to do so, who hob nobs with actual anti-Semites at Spectator parties while then throwing around accusations of anti-Semitism without evidence, who said NOTHING when our Secretary Jenny Formby was being bullied by Tom Watson while undergoing Chemo, who compared herself to a woman in a physically abusive relationship re being in the Labour Party now, who never, ever wastes an opportunity to slag off the members and leadership-every day-since Corbyn took over, on every platform available…

Well us members REMEMBER and there is no way on earth, not a chance she’ll get anywhere near being leader with current membership. Thankfully. No matter how hysterical the press and ‘experts’ get. Save your breath.

Adam Samuels

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  1. Well pardon my cynicism but I feel that I couldn’t care less who becomes the Labour leader. Corbyn was the last gasp for the old i.e. true Labour. The more obviously false it is now the better. As in that wonderful old BBC series (i.e. back when the Beeb had at least a tinge of integrity) “I Claudius” when the title character wants to restore the republic by ensuring the rise of the worst possible oligarch, I think we should “Let all the poison that lurks in the mud, hatch out”.

    • You’re right of course – Sir Keith S or Rebecca Long-B would do more harm, medium term, than the frightful, so-bad-she’s-good Ms Phillips. In any case, plummetting membership is guaranteed, with me be among the departing masses.

      I posted this not because of its opening sentence but because of the pithily accurate summation of a ghastly individual in the middle paragraph.

      I’ve read I-Claudius and its sequel, Claudius the God, many times this past forty years. Like many others I was led to it by the BBC series starring Derek Jacobi with a ton of class actors – including Stratford (Charlie Barlow of Z-Cars) Johns – alongside.

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