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  1. Some interesting perspectives on this and surrounding events: Unfortunately, this will have to be via a series of individual posts as the site seems to think a series of URL links in the content window is spam!

    From the Independent noting the Diplomatic mission being undertaken at the time.

    From The Saker, with more details and analysis.

    Michael Hudson with a geo-political and financial perspective.

    Craig Murray on the Bethlehem doctrine.

    Further update from the Saker.

    Contrary opinion (to the Saker’s) from Paul Craig Roberts.

    • Thanks Dave. I was able to fix the issues and roll the link-specific comments into the single overarching comment you’d wanted.

      I will read all of these with much interest. I had meant to post above the line on the Soleimani murder but have been distracted by one thing or another. To your links I’ll add these:

      Caitlin Johnstone’s post of January 3, when the story broke.

      World Socialist Website (WSWS) also on January 3.

      A second WSWS piece, this one on January 7, on media complicity with the rogue state’s lawlessness.

      • Update. I have now read all your recommendations Dave, and endorse them all. If I had to pick one it would be – for all its signs of having been written in haste – that of the always cogent Michael Hudson.

        • This piece reproduced on Zero hedge


          Authored by Federico Pieraccini via The Strategic Culture Foundation, adds some actual flesh to the context supplied in Michael Hudson’s piece and in the early part, detailing the reportedly unrecorded elements of Abdul-Mahdi’s speech to the Iraqi parliament, makes chilling reading:

          “This is why I visited China and signed an important agreement with them to undertake the construction instead. Upon my return, Trump called me to ask me to reject this agreement. When I refused, he threatened to unleash huge demonstrations against me that would end my premiership.

          Huge demonstrations against me duly materialized and Trump called again to threaten that if I did not comply with his demands, then he would have Marine snipers on tall buildings target protesters and security personnel alike in order to pressure me.

          I refused again and handed in my resignation. To this day the Americans insist on us rescinding our deal with the Chinese.

          After this, when our Minister of Defense publicly stated that a third party was targeting both protestors and security personnel alike (just as Trump had threatened he would do), I received a new call from Trump threatening to kill both me and the Minister of Defense if we kept on talking about this “third party”.

          What I am having problems finding and verifying are reports apparently attributed to the Israeli publication Haaretz – possibly originating from a Facebook post (which I don’t use) by Pepe Escobar – that in the immediate aftermath of the Iranian missile attack on the US base in Iraq that over 200 US (contractors?/mercenaries?, Inelligence staff?) casualties were admitted to Israeli medical facilities.

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