6 Replies to “Do bear cubs dance in the woods?

    • Hi Chet. Thanks. I took a glimpse at your site by clicking on the name above your comment. Some nice images in far more genres and styles – photo (ace pic of a snowy owl), painting, cartoon and more – than I can lay claim to. And you write too!

      I’ll take a closer look as soon as time allows. Do you live in the States?

      • Thank you for visiting!

        Yes, I live in central Pennsylvania (for the past 14 years). During those years I became friends with the main wildlife rehabber here and have had the opportunity to photograph various releases from eagles to owls. (Nature is a fine escape in a world gone mad.) And so I can enjoy your nature photos as well as your political commentary!

        • Nature is a fine escape in a world gone mad.

          The more I look into the evils of this world, the more I feel impelled to contemplate the beauty of life in Nature.

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