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  1. Spotted this in the Canary, which seems pertinent:


    Of course, Branson is not the only person who has been humiliated by Neville and Giggs:

    Meanwhile, there is an 800 room facility located at one end of The Mall in London; a 755 room property in Sandringham Norfolk; a whopping 1,000 room building in Windsor and not forgetting a relatively modest 55 room venue at Balmoral, Scotland all massively under utilised gobbling up shed loads of public money.

    The occupant of this largesse, courtesy of the forelock tugging section of the populace, says that in relation to the coronavirus that she and her family “stand ready to play our part”. What part? Buy some respirators? Throw in a few million to help people on zero hour contracts? Open up their (our) castles and palaces to the homeless and unfortunates?

    No way. Forget it.

    Too many people have got their priorities the wrong way around. Favouring the easy option of blaming those with nothing or next to nothing as “scroungers” (because the newspapers tell the them to) whilst letting the real scroungers off the hook at the same time as shoveling not only their money into these parasites pockets but everybody else’s.

    As someone once said “In it together my arse!”

    Appros a previous observation made earlier in the week concerning Branson.

    Been giving that missed opportunity some thought in terms of appropriate street art commentary.

    Free of charge for anyone to use. Open access, no copyright etc:


    Your welcome.

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