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25 Jan

“In some quarters it is considered ‘transphobic’ to even note that Isla Bryson was once Adam Graham.” – Alex Massie in The Spectator

The Guardian today, January 25th 2023:

Politicians, campaigners and a UN special rapporteur have all expressed grave concerns that a transgender woman found guilty of raping two women before transitioning is being remanded in a female prison.

Opponents of the Scottish government’s gender recognition reforms 1 – which the UK government has blocked from going for royal assent because of “safety issues for women and children” – said that the case vindicated their concerns about lack of safeguards in the bill.

Isla Bryson, from Clydebank, West Dunbartonshire, was found guilty of two charges of rape on Tuesday following a six-day trial at the high court in Glasgow.

Following the conviction, Bryson was remanded in custody to the women’s prison Cornton Vale … 2

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  1. On those “gender recognition reforms”, see my December post, I’m no fan of Scottish Tories but …
  2. Next day update, January 26. Scotland’s First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon – whose party had crowed last month about defeating a Tory amendment to limit the dangers of its Gender Recognition Bill – says the “Scottish Prison Service is in the process of giving effect to the decision it has taken not to incarcerate this prisoner in Cornton Vale.” That would be in the wake of what today’s Guardian calls a “rare intervention” by a doubtless red faced Nicola. As for that “giving effect to”, for light on such constructions try George Orwell’s essay, Politics and the English Language.

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  1. Meanwhile, it has been noted – and commented on at – that the Catholic Church, via no lesser personage than the Pope, has publicly stated that homosexuality is not a crime. Whereas Stonewall, which once upon a distant time was created to protect the Lesbian and Gay community from bigoted inspired physical attacks, has done a full 180 degree turn by declaring exclusive same sex attraction to be the ultimate crime under woke law.

    Lesbian biological women and Gay biological men are now guilty of Bigotry for their sexual preferences. Stonewall is now aligning itself with the very forces and mindset which once persecuted same sex attracted people whilst the Catholic Church now finds itself in a position more in line with the original raison detre of Stonewall – which has now gone full metal gay bashing in its official stance.

    Apparently it is already next to impossible for genuine Lesbians to access a genuine Lesbian dating site anywhere.

    Spotify, I kid you not, has been called out to ban the Aretha Franklin track ‘(You make me feel like a) Natural Women’ on the grounds that both its lyrics and basic premise are ‘transphobic’.

    One of the arguments put forward apparently being ‘there is no such thing as a “Natural Women”‘.

    Going back to the former Gay and Lesbian Rights organisation which is now little more than a mafia operation for incel’s and the men’s supremacy movement still calling itself Stonewall; (biological – ie real, as in Natural) Women’s groups are highlighting concerns about its so called equality benchmarking’ racket:

    Stonewall has been accused of “eroding” gender pay gap monitoring among civil servants after fresh diversity training surfaced.

    The LGBT charity marks hundreds of public sector employers on their diversity credentials each year, in return for a league table ranking in the Workplace Equality Index (WEI), the UK’s largest such benchmarking scheme.

    Six government departments, NHS England, six regional NHS bodies and four police forces were among the 400 employers to take part last year, proudly celebrating their ranking in Stonewall’s “top 100 employers” list.

    However, The Telegraph has learned that Stonewall is urging employers to monitor inequalities by self-identified gender rather than sex within their organisations.

    On Saturday, women’s rights campaigners condemned it as “shocking” and “disturbing”.

    The gender pay gap is an official equality measure that shows the difference in average earnings between women and men. Employers with more than 250 staff are legally required to publish their gender pay gap annually. “

    The tail is wagging the dog, if you’ll excuse the expression. With politicians of all political party’s falling over themselves to push this misogynistic agenda.

    • Just on the lunacy aspects, several women I’ve spoken to on this matter were guilty – as I had been – of underestimating how swiftly so absurd an idea could gain traction. We all thought a proposition as barmy as that sex is not binary but a spectrum would never fly, far less have such devastating real world consequences.

      Worth a read in this context is a piece by a progressive US pastor who campaigned on women’s, gay and trans rights, only to incur the wrath of that last. While his explanation, of how a tiny minority of a tiny minority gained ground so fast, may be a tad reductive, Big Pharma surely did see a lucrative market opening up …

      … that said, I see this – from I’m no fan of Scottish Tories but … – as a bigger factor:

      … widespread failure to disentangle three different things:

      1. It is not OK to demean, discriminate or in other ways do unpleasant things beginning with the fourth letter of the alphabet to biological males who identify as female.
      2. Asserting that sex is binary can not (validly, and in the absence of any other indicator) be taken as a denial of the previous point.
      3. Whether or not we think sex binary, the acceptance of “people with penises” into spaces hitherto reserved for “people with vaginas” – be they changing rooms, toilets, refuges for victims of domestic violence, jails or sports events – should ring alarm bells. All the more so given the astonishing speed and lack of public debate with which ideas many see as outlandish have been embraced by entitled elites whose decisions affect us all.
  2. Sticking with this specific story for a moment, the situation gets more bizarre by the hour.

    The latest aspect of the story, detailed by Stuart Campbell who runs the Wings over Scotland blog, features last nights BBC Scottish debate night TV program which, in addition to discussing this story, ended up eventually disappearing, 1984 memory hole style, from the BBC’s web site:

    Hardly surprising in the circumstances given that it featured someone claiming to be a comedian lecturing anyone and everyone, without a hint of irony in terms of consideration of the past and potential future victims in this case, that they should all have more respect for the individual who has been convicted as they are someone’s son or daughter. The BBC, which hid in plain site people like Jimmy Saville for decades, must be feeling the heat to so rapidly dispatch the recording of this program from public access within so short a time period.

    Meanwhile, the Scottish First Minister is reported,today, to have publicly stated that this individual will no longer be held at the (biological/Natural/Real) Women’s prison facility an Cornton Vale near Stirling where he is ‘isolated; from other inmates only to the extent that the shower facilities are communal However, what the first Minister has ‘neglected’ to reveal is:

    A. Which prison facility the convicted individual will be moved to. – ie. whether it will be one housing (biological) males or females?

    B. That Cornton Vale is, apparently, due for closure.

    Panning out to a wider picture – and an extremely strong stomach will be required to tackle this – the following rare piece of journalism by Campbell and Linehan (of father Ted fame) hit the Web on Monday of this week:

    Among the many stand out parts featured in this article this, from the “Edinburgh Action for Trans Health”, caught the eye:…….

    “We demand the freedom to alter our bodies without justification. We demand an end to all surgical prerequisites – nobody should have to prove life experience,health or have to be taking hormones in order to exercise bodily autonomy. We demand that these surgeries can be highly customised to meet our individual & unique needs. We demand the right to multiple surgeries, including reversal of previous surgeries if desired, so that we do not have to fear regret. We demand the free & timely provision of genital surgeries, additive & reductive chest surgeries, hysterectomies and orchiectomies, tracheal & vocal surgeries, facial surgeries, lipoplasty, contouring & microdermabrasion, surgical hair removal & transplantation, and any other possible procedure to meet our needs as we express them.

    We demand resources for hair removal anywhere on our bodies, and the option of local anesthetic during these procedures.

    We demand voice coaching that does not coerce us to alter our voices in ways we do not express a need for, but respects our accents and our right to express ourselves however we desire.

    We demand access to counselling & and any other therapies we choose.

    We demand the revocation of medical licenses from all gender clinic doctors & nurses, past and present.””

    ….simply because it represents the clearest example to date (and this could be surpassed at any moment – and may already have been) that Capitalism has reached a point in which people are now actively lobbying to be classed as a product.

    At the present pace of matters it does not seem too unreasonable to consider the possibility that it may not be too long before the physical existence of anyone who is not so like minded is deemed illegal.

    As Jonathan Pie would say in a previously posted link: “Off to the incinerator you must go.”:

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