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  1. ‘The best laid schemes of mice and men.’
    – Robert Burns

    On performance so far the paranoia should be located in places like Paris, Berlin, and Brussels………

    “The ever self-satisfied European elites are greatly mistaken if they think that the terrifying ramparts of repressive police systems they have erected between themselves and increasingly disaffected Europeans will be able to protect them from the growing anger of ordinary people for much longer. March started very badly for the Euro-Atlanticists. First, several tens of thousands of angry but dignified and proud citizens of Slovakia gathered in Bratislava for the “March for Peace,” where they resolutely demanded that their country withdraw from NATO as a matter of urgency, stop arming Ukraine, and instead establish the best possible relations with Russia. “Anglo-Saxon fascists out!”; “Slovaks and Russians — brothers forever!” shouted the demonstrators in the streets of the Slovak capital and cheered for Russia and Putin.

    A week later, tens of thousands of angry Czechs, for who knows how many times in the past six months, took to the streets of defiant Prague, which had gathered hundreds of thousands of participants in similar protests before. In this latest, rather explosive revolt, citizens protested against poverty as a result of the proxy war that NATO is waging against Russia in Ukraine. “Stop the war, stop NATO!” shouted the dissatisfied Czechs, asking their government to finally address the problems of the Czech citizens instead of arming the Ukrainian Nazis. Just a day later, thousands of equally angry citizens of Sofia took to the squares and streets of the Bulgarian capital for demonstrations with a clear message: “NATO out!” Such protests are increasing throughout the European Union, and more and more people are participating in them despite open threats from the police and ministries of internal affairs that such manifestations will not be tolerated. To the dismay of the ruling Euro-Atlantic elites, Russian flags and symbols of Russian Special Military Operations are flying in the cities of France, Germany, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Slovakia… As expected, the European mainstream media, as part of the Eurofascist propaganda machine, completely ignored or censored reports on all these events, but the truth could not be hidden. To the great delight of many, social networks were flooded with recordings, photos, and reports from all these numerous and massive protests against NATO and poverty, the culmination of which is still expected at the beginning of April.”

    …….or even London and Washington:

    “Europe is no longer governed from Berlin but from Washington and London, which could mean that the Russians will this time have to liberate not only continental capitals but also overseas ones.”

    Should the French Fifth Republic fall in the present turmoil other dominoes could well follow. Germany? Italy? Spain?

    Brown trousers may well become the must have fashion item on Carnaby Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, rather than Lubyanka Street or Dashilan Street, at some point?

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