Homs today

6 May

Yesterday to be precise. Bowed down under the yoke of Bashar the Brutal, a subdued people – Alawite, Catholic, Druze, Maronite, Orthodox, Shia and Sunni – lament the departure of the Moderate Islamists of David Cameron’s imagination, and Isis reality.

Syria Ten Years On

8 Apr

For socialists and internationalists (and how can you be the one without being the other?) the only thing more dismaying than the ability of ‘our’ power-serving media to whip The People into a frenzy of Orwellian loathing for manufactured bêtes … Read More »

Former US Senator on Syria

6 Apr

Think me an extremist on what is being done to Syria in our name? Hear the former Republican Senator for Virginia, Dick Black, a fortnight ago at the Schiller Institute. I’m posting in full here (transcript below) because the facts-are-sacred … Read More »

Turkish delight at Capitol riots

9 Jan

See also yesterday’s post, Stop trivialising the term, coup! Below are my shamelessly cherry-picked highlights from a predictably flawed but highly entertaining piece today in the liberal centrist Middle East outlet, Al-Monitor. Turkey awash with schadenfreude over Capitol takeover A large … Read More »