Labour’s Enemy Within

28 Feb

What do they say about feeding the monster? Back in December, Labour MP Chris Williamson publicly opposed Islington Labour Party’s decision to ban saxophonist Gilad Atzmon, an Israeli Jew labelled “antisemitic”, from a Christmas gig. In the face of orchestrated … Read More »

Labour Party: Gang of 7 Gone

18 Feb

Says Momentum today: [Chris] Leslie and Chuka [Umunna] have been undermining the leadership from the very moment Jeremy was elected. They are attacking Labour for “weaken[ing] our national security”, supporting “states hostile to our country” and being “hostile to businesses … Read More »

Peterloo and the Realist tradition

4 Nov

THIS POST ALSO FEATURES IN COUNTERPUNCH and in OffGuardian Worthy, sumptuously shot, convincingly acted and not without moments of insight – but a tad leaden. That’s my take on Mike Leigh’s new film, released November 2. I’ll give a more … Read More »