Free Julian Assange

7 Nov

November the fifth at seven pm, outside the Home Office on Marsham Street, SW1. Speakers including Vivienne Westwood, Stop the War’s John Rees and Julian’s father, John Shipton, were backed by rapsters MIA and Lowkey as hundreds of supporters gathered … Read More »

Roger Waters on Julian Assange

28 Oct

Waters gets better and better. Here he is on RT: eloquent, informed, passionate. Not just on the shameful – and in its Orwellian implications terrifying – treatment of a man whose ‘crime’ was to tell us the truth about the … Read More »

Last night in the House

4 Sep

the first part of this post features on offguardian I enjoy schadenfreude as much as the next guy and for the millions of us who detest Boris, last night brought the stuff in spades. I was quite taken by Jeremy … Read More »

This cabinet of horrors …

29 Jul

… is pursuing class war. CounterFire today: Boris Johnson’s expected stint as British prime minister began with a brutal cull of those within his own party who dared to oppose him. They have been replaced by a cabinet of horrors … Read More »