London Bridge attack

30 Nov

The Guardian today.


Snapshots from June 2017 …


Frequently deployed – cynically, stupidly and lazily – to dismiss an argument without the effort of addressing its particulars, the conspiracy theorist epithet refers to an assumed pathological condition. It’s a put-down currently fashionable in sophisticated circles.

Oddly enough, coincidence theorist has never enjoyed the same popularity as a term for those pathologically resistant to joining the dots.

Which is not my way of saying yesterday’s attack was a false flag op. Just my way of saying it is foolish to rule that out.



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  1. Commenters in OffG were predicting this about a week ago. Wonder if it’ll be the last before the election’s over? Surely an atrocity perpetrated on the Jewish community would be most damaging to JC’s electoral chances? Too obvious? Particularly if the alleged terrorists are wearing ‘I Love JC’ tee shirts and throwing ‘Novichok’ infused homemade jam!
    That many of us view these things as ‘normal’ – and are right to in relation to the actions of the ruling class/criminally insane/gangsters in charge – is deeply disturbing.

    • Mark, some of those OffGuardian BTL predictions came below my piece, Thus Spake the Chief Rabbi.

      I myself have been guilty of unconsciously confusing two separate things. As a marxist I seek explanations of ruling class heartlessness in the logic of capital. The corollary that conspiracy is not at the core of marxist understandings can lead marxist intellectuals, and for other reasons their liberal and conservative counterparts, to the non sequitur that conspiracies just don’t happen.

      That’s nonsense but deep down few if any of us are as sophisticated in our reasoning as we like to think..

  2. “The general election will go ahead but the results could be drastically altered by the recent terror attacks.”
    I just love those lines of “argument” which seem to be telling the electorate what they are going to do cf. the familiar complaint that a party is “unelectable”.

    And for the conspiratorially minded like myself, it’s interesting to think about the clearly desired effect of this attack and therefore ponder on the suspicious usefulness of the attack.

    • Well as Mark (above) notes, just such an attack was predicted in more than one BTL comment over at OffGuardian.

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