Truth to power: the real deal

20 Dec

It’s a tough question, I know, but think hard on which of the two candidates below best qualifies as speaker of truth to power.

The first, currently being talked up as the next Labour leader by the very media which so vilified the outgoing one, is an avid self promoter whose true character may be gauged from the kinds of behaviour summarised here, and evidenced here and here.

The other has been somewhat less well rewarded for his somewhat more extensive efforts to speak truth to power.

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Tough call, huh?


4 Replies to “Truth to power: the real deal

  1. On the other hand they’ve both been a good larf on Have I Got News For You. And let’s face it: it’s all showbiz. The dancing monkeys change but the organ grinder remains the same.

    • You know, for one crazy moment I thought you meant Jess and Julian. I’d forgotten that I – or to be precise, Phillips – had dragged the Rees-Mogg into this!

  2. Sorry – Once again I was plunging in without properly reading the article. Of course I was referring to the two in the top photo. HIGNFY has been a good “breaker in” for those stand up comedians usually referred to as “politicians”. The Tory contestants used to look ill-at-ease. Think Teddy Taylor telling us how jolly spiffing Bob Marley was. But I noticed that Boris and Rees Mogg seemed to take to it naturally. Boris gave us his Two Ronnies country bumpkin “charm” and Jacob did his “pleasantly surprised” thing.

    • Once I’d picked myself off the floor I saw in an epiphanic instant that you couldn’t possibly have meant Julian. With lightning deduction I concluded that the Rees Mogg must have Come Strictly, googling it for rapid confirmation.

      Merry Xmas, sir!

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