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7 Nov

This from the Black Agenda Report, November 4:

Democratic propagandists and “frightened” leftists are desperate. They tell supporters and the public the republic will not survive another term of Donald Trump. They point to his despicable, racist descriptions of undocumented migrant workers from Mexico; his characterization of some global South nations; his misogyny; his crude white supremacy; authoritarian proclivities; and pathological dishonesty—among his many character flaws—as reasons he must be stopped …

… As the Biden and Trump drama plays out, we ask from our experiences some simple questions on what might happen when a victor emerges:

    • Will either candidate really have the ability to restore the millions of jobs lost during the current economic crisis?
    • Will the illegal subversion of Venezuela and Nicaragua stop, and the blockade of Cuba end?
    • Will the prison-industrial complex that is housing ten of thousands of the Black and Brown economically redundant be closed?
    • Will the charges be dropped against Edward Snowden and the extradition demand for Julian Assange end?
    • Will Gaza continue to be the largest open-air prison on the planet?1
    • Will the U.S. reverse its decision to deploy new intermediate-range missiles that will be equipped with nuclear warheads targeting Russia in Europe and China in the Asia-Pacific?2

    • Will the Saudi and Obama-originated war on Yemen end?
    • Will the U.S. settler-colonial state really defund the police and the military?

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  1. This from the centrist Al-Monitor, November 6: “If Netanyahu were eligible to vote in the USA he would have voted for Trump. On the other hand, Netanyahu [may have] squeezed all he can from this US president and might prefer a first Biden term to a second Trump one. “A second-term president is dangerous,” a senior Israeli source told Al-Monitor on condition of anonymity. “Especially when that president is Trump who is unpredictable to begin with.”
  2. This from CounterPunch, November 6: “Failure to contain CV-19 has damaged U.S. standing. Meanwhile, China and Russia share vaccines. Cuba provides treatments but the U.S. turns its nose at Cuban medicine, even if more Americans die – this, though Cuba’s pharmacopeia appears superior. China sends doctors and medicines across the globe. Russia opts for sane herd immunity through vaccination … The Obama regime’s deplorable trade and military “pivot to China,” along with its sanctions against high-ranking Russians and Russian energy, financial and defense firms and the Trump regime’s provocations, sanctions and insults aimed at both countries have born fruit: There is talk of amilitary alliance between China and Russia. Both countries deny such is in the offing, but that it is even discussed reveals how effectively U.S. foreign policy has created and united enemies … China and Russia cannot ignore the advantage of teaming up in the face of U.S. hostility.”

3 Replies to “Just asking …

  1. Steady on now.

    In the present zeitgeist of identity politics and never ending purity spirals in which objective evidence, analysis and nuance are openly rejected in favour of the certainties of being in the right gang you’ll end up on a list somewhere, along with those from whom you quote who will be denounced as ‘Uncle Toms.’

    Indeed, some have already suggested as such: Democrats, Never-Trumpers compiling ‘lists’ of Trump supporters in case ‘they try to deny complicity’ in future.

    And, despite deleting you cannot help wondering just how long it will be before someone else extends those sentiments further by upping the purity stakes?

    After all, it would never do to have people going around pointing out hypocrisy, double standards and how we are all being played!

    Now get back on the treadmill and keep chanting ‘Orange man bad, our fascism good.’

    The self chosen guardians of rightonnos are watching the panopticon they have created.

      • Caitlin today:

        … we’re all breathing a lot easier knowing the US government will now be run by grown-ups who murder people instead of emotionally stunted children who murder people. We’ll sleep so much better with adults in the room who murder people, and the insatiable US murder monster under competent management once more.

        And make no mistake, murdering people is what Biden will be doing … the only president in recent memory who campaigned on being more interventionist and attacking his opponent for not being hawkish enough. Trump ran on a platform of scaling back US interventionism, as did Obama, as did even Bush, but Biden did the opposite …

        … US leaders are so revered, so normalized on our screens, it’s easy to forget how many children they’ve killed. You see the doddering old man eating ice cream … it’s difficult to marry him in your mind with the butcher who played a leading role in advancing the Iraq invasion which killed a million people and ushered in unprecedented military expansionism.

        But the important thing is he won’t be making rude tweets and bungling coup attempts in the Global South. He will be a Competent Grown-Up.

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